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About The Symptoms Of Astigmatism & Getting Diagnosed For Eyeglasses

by Linda Bates

Have your headaches been coming on a more frequent basis? It is possible that you have astigmatism, but the condition can be corrected if you don't mind wearing eyeglasses. Below, learn about the symptoms of astigmatism and getting properly diagnosed, as well as why you might enjoy wearing eyeglasses.

What Are Symptoms of Astigmatism?

Other than bad headaches from having to strain your eyes so much, astigmatism can also cause dryness. You might feel like there is something in your eyes or have to lubricate them on a regular basis. A few of the other symptoms you can experience include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye soreness
  • Eye tiredness
  • Light sensitivity
  • A hard time seeing at night

You should not ignore symptoms because you may have a more serious condition than astigmatism. Waiting too long before getting properly diagnosed and treated by an optometrist can possibly lead to blindness.

How Can an Optometrist Diagnose Astigmatism?

An eye examination for diagnosing astigmatism is very simple. You will read alphabets, numbers or a combination of both from a visual acuity chart. The chart will allow the optometrist to determine how well you can see at a distance without having to strain your eyes. He or she will also look at the cornea of your eyes with a light during the visual acuity test to see if one or both of your corneas are irregular.

You can also expect your corneas to be examined with a keratoscope for irregularities. Basically, the optometrist will look to see if your corneas are curved the correct way. An irregular curve means that you are suffering from astigmatism and need eyeglasses to make your vision more sharp. Your headaches from strain and the other symptoms should go away after you begin wearing eyeglasses.

What Are Eyeglass Options if Fashion is a Factor?

If you don't want wearing eyeglasses to detract from your style, you may want to opt for the ones that are high fashion. After your eye examination, you can take your prescription to any eyeglass store and choose from name brands if you desire to do so. You will also have the option of getting high fashion sunglasses with your prescription. Your eyeglass style options are unlimited, so you should be able to enjoy wearing them to correct astigmatism. Stop by an eye clinic so an optometrist can diagnose your eye problem so you can start wearing fashionable eyeglasses!

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