Seeing Better Than You Have Before

Get Your Asperger's Child Through An Eye Exam In A Stress-Free Manner

by Linda Bates

If it's time for you to take your child in for an eye exam and they have Asperger's then you want to make sure you take extra steps so the appointment goes smoothly and without unnecessary stress for either one of you. Follow the tips in this article to have a more pleasant experience when you take your child in for their eye exam.

Set up a walk through

Call the optometrist's office and see if it's possible to bring your child in ahead of time to familiarize them with the office. This should be at a time of day when the office isn't busy. Let your child take their time looking around the office and ask the staff if it's okay for them to touch some of the equipment.

Make the appointment be as quick as possible

When you set up the appointment for your child's eye exam, let the appointment setter know that you need a time when they will be able to get your child in without a wait. This may mean being the first patient in the morning, or the first one after lunch. Your child will do much better if they don't have to spend a lot of time in the waiting room before their exam.

Have everything explained to your child

Let the optometrist know they need to take a few extra minutes to explain each test to your child and inform them of why it needs to be done. If a piece of equipment or a device is going to be used, the child should have the chance to touch it and look at it up close before the test. Your child should even be informed ahead of time that the lights are going to be turned on or off before it happens.

Talk directly and focused to your child

Let the optometrist know that when they are conducting the vision test, it is best to get right through it and try to not talk small talk with your child. They are going to respond best to direct conversation about the test.

By following these tips you are going to increase the chances that both you and your child will make it through their eye exam without a lot of undue stress or anxiety. The better the experience is for your child, the easier the next eye exam will be on the both of you.

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