Seeing Better Than You Have Before

Are You Ready For Lasik? Ways You Can Prepare For The Procedure

by Linda Bates

If you have always dreamed of not having to wear glasses, then Lasik eye surgery may be something you have thought about. If you feel you are a candidate for this type of eye surgery and have talked to your optometrist about this option, it's time to prepare yourself for the procedure. Here are the things you should do to ensure the greatest success when having this surgery done.

Stop wearing contacts

If you wear contact lenses, stop wearing them as soon as possible and wear glasses full-time instead. The FDA suggests that you should stop wearing hard contacts at least 4 weeks before your first consultation, toric or rigid lenses at around 3 weeks prior, and soft lenses at least 2 weeks before you go in for consult. This allows your eyes to go back to their real shape and allows for the greatest success of your procedure. If you can, forgo wearing any kind of contact lenses for as long as possible prior to your consultation for the best results in Lasik.

Get your eyes checked for dry eye

Nearly half of patients who undergo laser eye surgery, including Lasik, experience some form of dry eye for weeks, months, or even permanently after the procedure. It's wise to have your eyes checked for dry eye symptom prior to surgery by your optometrist to see if you carry a higher risk of having dry eye after the surgery. Your eye doctor will irritate your eyes and use a special strip to measure the moisture that is produced, and can use these findings to see if you produce enough natural tears. If not, they may advise you on the use of eye drops and other treatments to help you after your surgery is done.

Make sure your prescription hasn't changed

Astigmatism, pregnancy, and eyes that are still maturing can all affect the success of your Lasik surgery. If your eyes are still changing and your prescription reflects this, then you may want to wait until your prescription hasn't changed for awhile until you get the procedure done. This allows you to get more true results that won't have to be re-corrected with further surgery later.

If you are excited about having your vision permanently improved so you can wear glasses less, then Lasik may be a great option for you. Preparing for the procedure is the best way to ensure the best results. Talk to your eye doctor about the things you need to do to help make your surgery a greater success so you can see better.