Seeing Better Than You Have Before

Headaches? Why Your Eyes May Be To Blame

by Linda Bates

If you have headaches often, it could be due to your eyes or your vision. If your headaches occur often, especially after work or school, it could be due to eye strain because of your vision. These headaches can make it difficult to concentrate and complete tasks. It can also put a strain in other areas of your life if you aren't able to do anything because your headaches are holding you back. If you have headaches and you think your eyes may be to blame, read on for helpful information that can prevent these headaches.

Update Your Prescription

If you haven't had your vision checked in a while, you need to get to the ophthalmologist for an eye exam. If you are wearing old prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses, you need to stop wearing the old prescription, as you are going to give yourself headaches and cause further vision problems for yourself. Make an appointment with your eye doctor and get an eye exam, then be sure to invest in new eyeglasses or contact lenses with your updated prescription. Then, toss out all of your old prescription lenses so you don't attempt to wear them again. Remember to have your vision checked at least once per year.

Take Screen Breaks

Your computer or tablet screen may be causing your headaches as well. If you stare at a computer screen (or any type of tech screen) often, it could cause eye strain. This is because you stare at the screen and most likely aren't taking enough breaks to allow your eyes to blink and re-wet. Look away from the computer screen often and allow your eyes to blink and focus on something other than the computer screen. This also goes for smartphones and other devices.

Make Necessary Adjustments

While you look at screens and other devices at work or at home, make any necessary adjustments to these screens and to your body positioning so you aren't looking down at these devices. Also make sure you aren't hunching forward to see any of these devices. Make adjustments to the font, the screen placement, or your chair to prevent yourself from straining to see. Looking down at devices can cause strain in the neck and pressure at the front of the head and eyes while hunching forward can strain the neck and shoulders, as well as strain your eyes if you're sitting too close to the device.

If you have headaches often, your eyes may be the reason. Make an appointment with an ophthalmology clinic for a thorough eye exam.